In order to take advantage of the natural resources of Ericeira World Surfing Reserve we created ERICEIRA SUP  to provide the contact with the ocean through the use of Stand Up Paddleboards. The acquisition of the basic skills of SUP allows anyone to have a fun and relaxing way to be in the ocean and to know the best beaches for SUP in Ericeira World Surfing Reserve. We have a straightforward approach to bring success to our customers. 

Michel Amaro
Project Manager
SUP instructor

Michel Amaro has a degree in Physical Education in the area of ​​sports training, fitness and leisure .
Lives in Ericeira, Surf for 38 years and start with Stand Up Paddle 14 years ago and International judge for 20 years.

Recognize Surf and SUP instructor and coach surfer by the Portuguese Surfing Federation..

Miguel Fortes
SUP instructor

Miguel Fortes is one of the best surfers in Ericeira, and he knows better than anyone the barrels of Coxos.

Respected surfer, recognize Surf and SUP instructor and coach surfer by the Portuguese Surfing Federation.


Contacte-nos / Contact us


Phone: 00351 916 009 498




Adress: Rua dos Pocinhos, Ed. Rosa dos Ventos


2655-333, Ericeira, Portugal

Ericeira SUP Stand up Paddle

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